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For more than three decades, Womencare Counseling Center has been a leader in the field of the treatment of PTSD, traumatic stress, grief and sexuality, providing workshops, training and consultation programs to resource and empowers professionals.

Our training staff is available to provide specialized in-service training, consultation, and conference presentations tailored to your audience which may include mental health, substance abuse and trauma clinicians; teachers, schools and guidance counselors; community-based service agencies; health care providers and hospitals; the military; and general public and consumer groups.

Some of the topics we have consulted and trained on are:

  • The Lens of Trauma: an Introduction to the Understanding of Traumatic Stress
  • Post-Traumatic Stress: Signs, Symptoms and Stabilization
  • The Treatment of Male and Female Survivors of Childhood Abuse: Understanding Differences and Similarities
  • Trauma and Resiliency
  • A Traumatic Experience of Love: Addressing the Impact of Betrayal Trauma on Clients’ Capacities for Love and Attachment
  • Addressing Trauma Issues with Adults with Mental Illness
  • Memory and Dissociation
  • Self-Inflicted Violence: Helping Those Who Self-Injure.
  • Understanding Self-Injury in Adolescents
  • The Impact of Sexual Trauma on Adult Sexual Relationships
  • Sexual Healing After Abuse
  • Addressing Sexuality with Adults with Mental Illness
  • Creating Comfort in Addressing Sexual Issues with Clients
  • Sexuality Education in Psychotherapy
  • Understanding Child and Adolescent Grief
  • Restoring the Healthy Assumptive World of Children Affected by Abuse, Suicide, Homicide and Multiple Losses
  • Where Grief and Trauma Intersect: Recognizing and Responding to Traumatic Grief
  • Complicated Mourning in Adults
  • Raising Resilient Kids
  • Compassion Fatigue, Vicarious Trauma and Self-Care: The Cost of Caring
  • Secondary Trauma in Educators
  • Secondary Trauma in Caseworkers
  • Survivor-Friendly Medical Care

For information on consultation, supervision or continuing education, please contact Judith Ierulli at 847-475-7003, extension 27.


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