Compassion Fatigue and Vicarious Trauma: The Cost of Caring

“Therapist will experience a negative transformation of self when exposed long enough, to severe enough, frequent enough trauma in their clients.  This is an inevitable result of hearing too much horror…”  Laurie Pearlman

This essential training for any trauma professional can be tailored to fit the needs of your organization.  Trainings can be customized from in depth all-day workshops to cursory 2-hour sessions.   Longer sessions will allow for deeper reflection, processing and healing strategies.

In this training we will:

  • Define and explore the meaning of vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue and experiences felt by those who work with trauma survivors.
  • Define and discuss the signs and symptoms of vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue. We also will normalize the impact on self as well as the shame and isolation that many in the helping profession experience when exposed to secondary trauma.
  • Discuss the impact on view of self, sense of safety and view of the larger world.
  • Explore and discuss the inevitable impact of Institutional trauma and define what is required to create and sustain trauma informed agencies and institutions.
  • Identify strategies and tools for self-care: both professional and personal.