Womencare’s Response to Racism

Dear Womencare Community, Clients and Friends, 

We unequivocally stand against the violence, oppression, and injustice perpetrated on Black and Brown people by White individuals and institutions.  The intergenerational infliction of trauma continues to do harm.  Racism kills. Racism kills by the systems of oppression designed to keep Black and Brown people down. 

Our country’s racist systems have traumatized Black and Brown individuals, families and communities, not just in the present day, but throughout our nation’s history.  The pandemic has laid bare the stunning inequities of our system.  The disturbing murders of black individuals around the country, including those most recent- George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade and Ahmaud Arbery – scream the unequal ways life is valued in our communities. 

As therapists who work with trauma, we honor the necessity to disrupt the system-  a system that has been so shamefully harmful and dangerous.  We grieve that protesters fighting for racial justice have been met with violence, infiltration, injury, and death.

At Womencare, we have spent this week privately expressing our outrage and grief, through video conversations, social media posts, texts to one another and protests.  We forgot that the outrage and grief we were sharing was mostly invisible to the world, and that our public silence likely hurt people.  We deeply apologize, and we will do better. 

Womencare plans to take action initially by donating to anti-racist organizations while we develop more proactive ways to support our community and fight for racial justice. 

Here are ways that you can help:


Reclaim the Block

Campaign Zero

Black Visions Collective

Sign Petitions:

Justice for George Floyd

Justice for Ahmaud Arbery I Run with Maud

Justice for Ahmaud Arbery

Justice for Breonna Taylor

Justice for Tony McDade


Listen and Read:

For White Voices – André Vaughn

Black Nouveau | Exclusive | Jane Elliott Interview, Part 1

Being Black by Jane Elliott

New York Times– Interview with Nikole Hannah-Jones


We hope you’ll join us in taking a stand by protesting, supporting anti-racist organizations and speaking out.  

In solidarity,

The Womencare Community