Our Story

For more than three decades, Womencare has been a leader in the treatment of traumatic stress. We offer a variety of therapies, trainings and resources to empower the people, professionals and communities we serve.

Within a relational model, Womencare supports adults, adolescents, couples, families, and communities in the face of trauma, loss, and life transitions to restore life’s meaning and the capacity to form healthy relationships based on mutuality, respect, accountability and caring.

The core values and goals that guide our work include:

  • Actively supporting and engendering resiliency in individuals, couples, families, and communities.
  • Using a relational perspective to create therapeutic relationships based on mutuality, respect and collaboration.
  • Understanding the social, political and cultural contexts in which distress arises, not pathologizing, but seeking to restore meaning with individuals or families coping with traumatic experiences and life’s many challenges.
  • Providing culturally competent and sensitive counseling to all individuals seeking our help.
  • Providing educational workshops that empower trauma survivors through sharing information and supporting skill development.
  • Providing consultation programs, training opportunities and support for professionals who provide services for survivors of trauma and loss.
  • Providing compassionate consultation, resources and counseling to mental health professionals.
  • Collaborating with organizations and agencies that share our values and mission.


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