Professional Training

We believe that competent therapists honor their own stories, strengths and vulnerabilities, seek support and community, and hold endless curiosity for healing the human spirit.

Our Training Center is dedicated to the professional growth and development of therapists who are committed to treating the body, mind, and soul of trauma survivors.  Offering a variety of professional workshops, programs and services, Womencare provides therapists the tools and framework to build confidence, deepen skills, and navigate the therapeutic terrain of trauma therapy.  

Individual and group consultation provide necessary companionship and guidance, allowing therapists to reflect and gain insight as they help clients reach their healing goals.

Our professional training programs offer opportunities for therapists to learn from each other, gain new knowledge, and focus on their well-being as they address the impact that the work takes on them.

Womencare collaborates with mental health and social service agencies, schools and universities, and multiple organizations who share our commitment to resourcing professionals.

We offer a variety of opportunities for training and consultation including:

For questions about our professional offerings, please contact our program coordinator, Jessica Switzer (she/her), at 847-475-7003 x 21 or email her at