Our Staff

Our therapists are experienced clinicians, with expertise in traumatic stress, grief, sexuality, adolescent development, and mind/body integration.

Our therapists each bring a unique approach, set of gifts, and areas of expertise.  What unites us is our commitment to practicing within a relational approach to therapy, which embraces individuals in all facets of their identities. This model seeks to establish relationships based on mutuality, empowerment, and respect, while valuing the connection to the self and others.

 As a therapist and as a writer I am keenly aware of the power of words to give voice, and
Daily life for some can be isolating and debilitating; taking the first step to ask for help requires courage.  I
As we walk the winding and complicated path of life, I believe it is vital to us as human beings
Everyone has a story to tell. Our lives are a mosaic, a collection of past experiences, of family and of
As a therapist, I believe my highest calling is to restore dignity to those who have been marginalized or exiled
For over twenty years I have witnessed the powerful and transformative healing that arises in trauma therapy, both in individual
As a therapist, I care most about looking for the "real" with people.  Life can be full of stories and
We all ache to be more, live more, love and be better loved.  In order to fulfill this innate destiny,
When life becomes overwhelming and leaves us feeling stuck, taking the step to begin therapy can feel scary and confusing.
Dominant culture messages about what success looks like and who gets valued can leave us feeling anywhere from lonely, self-critical
Karina Conrad (she/her), MS, MA, LPC, is a postgraduate therapist who works with young adults and adults around trauma, anxiety,
Dinah Hudson (they/them), LCPC, NCC, is a postgraduate therapist who works with Queer and Trans adults as they navigate obstacles
Jessica Kingsdale (she/her), MA, LPC, is a postgraduate therapist who utilizes a relational, feminist, and client-centered approach to foster trust
Catherine Matteson (she/her), AM, LCSW, CADC is a postgraduate therapist committed to helping individuals pursue their own power and possibility,
As Womencare's office manager, Ivory Hatch (she/her) is responsible for maintaining the day-to-day operations of the office.  Ivory processes payroll and
Janet Migdow, PhD, LCPC is a relational psychodynamic clinician, founder of Options Counseling, and co-founder of the Trauma Consultation Training Program. 

For questions or to discuss an initial appointment, please contact our intake counselor, Giselle Garcia, LCSW, at 847-475-7003 x 10, or email her at [email protected]