2023: Year 1 or Year 2 TCG Payment

Year 1 or Year 2 TCG Tuition: $950Year 1 or Year 2 TCG  RESTORATIVE JUSTICE Tuition: $855 Tuition if Paid in Full: $902.50Tuition if Paid in Full RESTORATIVE JUSTICE RATE: $812.25 Please pay YEAR 1 AND YEAR 2 TCG tuition here only if paying the fee in full.  With the 5% discount, the Year 1

$812.25 – $902.50

Continuing the Conversation: Moral Principles and Cultural Humility

Facilitated by Anita Mandley (she/her), this virtual workshop focuses on Cultural Humility and the moral principles that shape our ethical attunement to our clients. We will explore how our own personal history has shaped our own biases and how they impact our intentions and behaviors as therapists, counselors, and healers. We will explore the complicated issues

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Awakening Possibilities: Cultural Healing for Clinicians of Color

Join us for a gathering for clinicians who identify as Black, Indigenous, and/or People of Color(BIPOC) only. This gathering will be a time for us to hold space for each other as we honor the depth of our feelings and celebrate our ancestral wisdom and knowing. Our presenter, Alissa Catiis (she/her), LCSW, is a Filipina-

Grief’s Journey: The Inside, the Outside and the In-Between

Due to health and safety precautions with Covid-19, this workshop will be virtual We all, therapist and client, experience loss, and consequently grief. Over the past several years, we have all lived through a collective trauma laced with multiple losses, both personally and collectively.  As therapists, our grief can be as present in the therapeutic

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The Pregnant Therapist: Navigating the Therapeutic Relationship

Due to health and safety precautions with Covid-19, this three-hour workshop will be virtual. A therapist’s pregnancy is an unavoidable self-disclosure, which impacts the therapeutic relationship in both challenging and enriching ways.  For therapists pregnant during Covid-19, there are further considerations: the therapist’s full body is not visible over telehealth; there is less certainty as

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Institute on the Relational Treatment of Trauma – A Virtual Series

Due to health and safety precautions with Covid-19, this 6-week series will be virtual. Please see the dates below The Institute on the Relational Treatment of Trauma is a six-session institute intended for therapists developing their skills in the treatment of trauma.  For six Friday mornings, therapists  who value the therapeutic relationship as foundational to change will explore the

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