Natalie Haimowitz Postgraduate Fellowship Program

“I went to graduate school and learned about therapy; I went to Womencare and became a therapist.” 
– Mary Clarke, PhD, Fellowship Alum

The Natalie Haimowitz Postgraduate Fellowship Program which focused on the relational treatment of trauma has been integral to Womencare’s community, training center, and mission. Through this program, emerging therapists joined our community, invested in their clinical growth, sharpened their capacities for treating trauma, and served a multitude of diverse clients.

We want to share with you that after 25 years, Womencare’s Fellowship Program is ending, and our final Fellows graduate from the program in July 2024.

Over the next period of transition, we will gather alums and others in the field for their input as we reimagine our fellowship program.  We will do this through an anti-oppression lens, focusing on our commitment to the professionals we cherish and our goals to serve the breadth of our communities, including those who are marginalized.  

At this time, we want to honor with pride and gratitude the Fellowship Program Founder, Laurie Kahn, Fellowship Coordinator, Amy Chandler, and the many skilled mentors who invested in the professional growth of our fellows. In addition, we want to thank our Fellowship Alumni Community and the Womencare community, and celebrate the ways we continue collaborating and creating together. 

Womencare’s commitment to supporting the wellness and development of trauma therapists remains central to our mission.  We will continue to provide training through our professional workshops, our Trauma Consultation Program, and our training at other locations in our community. 


Womencare does not offer internship opportunities. However, we encourage graduate students to sign up for email communication and consider our Fellowship Program after a few years of postgraduate clinical experience.


For further information, please contact our Fellowship Coordinator, Amy Derringer Chandler (she/her, LCSW, at 847-475-7003 x 30 or

“The fellowship was a deeply fulfilling experience, both professionally and personally. The supportive learning environment at Womencare mirrors some of the most healing conditions that we strive for with our clients — compassion, trust, safety, and connection. The experience allowed me to do my best work and become my best self in the process.”  –  Heather Pierce, LCPC,  Fellowship Alum


“Going through the Womencare Fellowship was a professional and personal life changer for me. Womencare gave me an opportunity to learn in a community.  Learning this way, surrounded by real and caring women, gave me a chance to internalize what I was learning on a deep level.  I am forever changed by this experience and have remained connected to the Womencare community.”  –  Tovah Means, LMFT, Fellowship Alum