Ellen Lonnquist (she/her), MS, LMFT

As a therapist, I care most about looking for the “real” with people.  Life can be full of stories and beliefs that we hold- stories that keep us from being fully who we are.  My most important work as a therapist is to create as safe a space as possible to explore these narratives, however challenging they may be.  Actively working to hold a respectful, protective and nurturing space, I work to help my clients find their own resiliency and power.  There will be tears and laughter- and, ultimately, the creation of a story that speaks their truth. 

Ellen M. Lonnquist (she/her), MS, LMFT, a family systems therapist, specializes in helping families, couples, adolescents and children.  She focuses on developing greater resilience and internal flexibility when managing depression, anxiety, trauma and other relational issues.  Ellen also has a strong commitment to working with people with disabilities and other special needs, and their families.  She provides guidance and support for parents and siblings in managing and understanding their own challenges in emotionally negotiating the larger systems at play when you love someone society sees as different. 

Ellen’s areas of specialty:

  • Family Systems Issues
  • Disabilities/special needs
  • Self-Injury
  • Trauma
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

Ellen can be reached at 847-475-7003 x 29 or elonnquist@womencarecounseling.com

Ellen is available to train, present or consult on:

  • Family Systems and the Special Needs Child
  • The Other Child: Growing Up with a Special Needs Sibling
  • Special Parents: Balancing Life, Work and the Issues of a Special Needs Child
  • Keeping Yourself: Maintaining Identity Throughout Parenthood
  • Understanding Self-Injury in Adolescents
  • Teens and Healthy Relationships

Ellen accepts: BCBS PPO and Northwestern Student Insurance (Aetna)

Education and Credentials

MSMFT (Masters in Marital and Family Therapy), 1999, The Family Institute at Northwestern University

LMFT (Illinois Licensed Marital and Family Therapist)

Professional Affiliations

American Association of Marital and Family Therapists

Member of the Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy Network