Identity, Privilege and Oppression in the Therapeutic Relationship: A workshop on cultural humility

One way to challenge and dismantle systematic oppression is to start with knowing, befriending, and ultimately challenging ourselves.  If we can do this within ourselves, we can begin the harder task of doing this with others, including the people we work with (our clients).  Workshop participants are invited to challenge themselves, think with an open mind, and engage in brave internal and external dialogue. Participants

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The Pregnant Therapist: Navigating the Therapeutic Relationship


  Due to health and safety precautions with Covid-19, this three-hour workshop will be virtual. A therapist’s pregnancy is an unavoidable self-disclosure, which impacts the therapeutic relationship in both challenging and enriching ways.  For therapists pregnant during Covid-19, there are further considerations: the therapist’s full body is not visible over telehealth; there is less certainty

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Grief’s Journey: The Inside, the Outside and the In-Between

We all experience loss, and consequently grief, therapists and clients alike. Over the past several years, we have lived through a collective trauma laced with multiple losses, in addition to other losses we have experienced.  As therapists, our grief can be as present in the therapeutic space as our clients’.  Our reactions to and management

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