Relationships and Sexuality

We view sexuality as an inherent aspect of a person, an essential part of well-being, and often an important part of identity as well. People often wonder if they are “normal,” feeling dissatisfied with their sexual relationships, and even suffering in isolation with their concerns, not even risking discussion with a partner.

Sex therapy is like other kinds of talk therapy. It explores the emotional, relational, psychological and physical components of a sexual problem in order to find solutions. Sex therapists observe all professional, ethical boundaries with clients and there is never sexual contact with the therapist or within a therapy session, and never nudity in session. Instead, we discuss the problems in detail, and make suggestions, often including ‘homework’ for outside sessions, to address them. The therapist will help create an environment of comfort and safety to address these matters.

People use therapy to address issues such as:

  • Relationship, trust, communication and intimacy problems
  • Desire problems, or mismatched desire between partners
  • Sexual fears and anxiety
  • Problems with arousal and orgasm (including erection problems and rapid or delayed ejaculation for men)
  • Painful sex
  • Discomfort with touch
  • Sexual orientation questions and coming out
  • Sexual healing after abuse and trauma, including addressing flashbacks and other distress
  • Partner education and communication about the impact of abuse on sexuality
  • Support and processing around a range of sexual expressions, relationships and lifestyles

We respect the vulnerability that can be involved in discussing such intensely personal matters. Our view of sexuality holds important the values of consent, mutuality, respect, non-judging, and non-shaming. Our stance is sex-positive, supporting personal and relational satisfaction and celebrating connection and pleasure.

Womencare is LGBTQ-affirmative and kink-friendly, and welcomes people of all genders, sexual orientations, and relationship configurations.

For questions or to discuss an initial appointment, please contact our intake counselor, Sara Powers, LCSW, at 847-475-7003 x 10, or email her at