A Response to the Separation of Families at the Border

June, 2018

We, the therapists and staff of Womencare Counseling and Training Center, feel it is our moral imperative to speak out for those whose voices have been silenced, namely the children and families currently separated from one another at our borders.  

As trauma-informed therapists, we know the profoundly damaging and lasting effects of these traumatic separations. They affect the neurological, psychological and physiological growth and development of the children, their parents and all those who witness these events.  We also know from human history that the deleterious effects of these traumatic events and experiences will impact not only this generation but generations to come.

Some have said that they count on these children to be resilient.  While we appreciate resilience, we also know these individuals and families will be forever changed.  The trauma inflicting action of removing children from their families frightens children and erodes their sense of trust and safety. It disrupts precisely what children require to be resilient in the face of adversity- a secure attachment to their families and communities.

We find the separations and detentions of children and families to be cruel and reprehensible, amounting to nothing less than psychological torture and a crime against humanity.  

We thank the organizations on the ground, fighting for these children and families, and encourage people searching for ways to help to check them out. A few of the many options:

Together Rising
Southern Poverty Law Center

Laurie, Ellen, Monica, Beth, Alissa, Jen, Judith, Sara, Rachel, Gabby and Amy